Sunday, May 20, 2012


I just need to vent a bit, of course it has to do with one of my greatest passions- rule of law and politics.

One of our state senators came to our legislative review group on Facebook, where he bragged about the passage of a bill he authored. He was sharing 'with friends and relatives' his success and celebrating himself. After some thoughtful questions and research, many of us were interested in the intent of his bill and what benefit it might truly serve to the citizens of our great state.

I went to the state website for the senate and looked up the bill and read it several times before continuing my line of questions, but it turns out the final version is NOT available to read online as the vote was Friday afternoon. So what we essentially have is another piece of legislation with a proud author and no method to read the document while it sits on the governor's desk awaiting his signature.

I asked why bring it here if you cannot share the specifics with us, and his reply was 'we lost many state employees this year and cannot post the items on weekends'.. okay, so why couldn't HE post the bill himself or at least have a copy to post? He took the time to author a blog celebrating the passage, but he didn't have sense of mind to bring a copy to Springfield with him. He offered to email me a copy on Monday but why should *I* receive special considerations that he didn't give the entire state?

THIS is exactly what is wrong with our public servants, they think the clock is their boss, not the people. I've had it with these self serving pigs. That's all. Return to your lives, this probably did nothing for the issue but the steam has to go somewhere..

The 'good' senator doesn't see the issue with not having the legislation online to read, but he cared enough to post a self congratulatory news article ..

How soon can we replace them ALL?

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