Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stolen Valor Act struck down by SCOTUS

It's now approved as your right to run down to the army surplus store and become a PX Ranger. Grab it all and wear it all. It doesn't hurt anyone, after all, it's your RIGHT to LIE ABOUT RANK AND AWARDS of HEROISM AND MERIT!

I'll cover more on this story at a later time.

Affordable Care Act

I wept for our nation today. Literally wept. Uncontrollably. 

Will my children know the peace and dignity I felt as a child?

Poor but proud was us, we didn't realize or even care about the garbage people concern themselves with today. We had a continuous rotation of junk cars from American Motors, because dad was always selling used cars out of the front yard.  Mom was busy working her tail off as a Nurse's Aid and trying hard to earn her LPN certification. My sister and I were happy to play outside with our friends. We would gleefully eat pigs in a blanket, PB&J, or frozen pizzas.  We used every off brand in the grocery store and were on food stamps from time to time. We had plenty of homemade clothes and knew that we were to respect and care for the few items we had. Grandma and Grandpa Mondy helped  us when they could, especially at birthdays and Christmas, I swear those two days were the reason we would wake up everyday and walk to school. Never once did our crew take a family vacation or ask someone else to pay our bills. We truly were poor but proud.

Will my children know the peace and dignity I felt as child? No.

I fear we have only one option left and that option was chosen by brave patriots in Colonial America. Those men and women risked EVERYTHING in order to be free people with an unwritten destiny based in their right to choose. Choose to be wrong, choose to be right, choose to win and sometimes lose. There are no guaranteed outcomes in the world, at least there weren't in colonial times. Now we have people on welfare receiving free cell phones but that's not enough for these leaches.

I wept for our nation today.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Racism and the Second Amendment

Zombie Tactics makes a great point of how all gun laws stem from fear, hatred and bigotry.  I believe there should be absolutely ZERO gun laws, after all, the words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED sound pretty clear to me. 

Got it? We're all equals and we should be respected as such.