Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 13

Well here we are, essentially two weeks later since the 'change'.

Last week was a long, very busy time in high temps. We thrived in it, cold well water made all the difference! I probably drank as much as a liter/hour during the worst temperatures.

We hiked, walked and played our hearts out at camp. Not many complaints from the boys, but several of them did skip a meal once or twice... picky eaters don't eat at camp. But boys will be boys.

My shins are absolutely destroyed from the hiking and very high levels of activity, they haven't hurt like this since Basic Training in 1990. Trying to keep enough ibuprofen and potassium in me to relieve the issue because I am NOT slowing down. Saturday was probably a 7 on the pain scale, today is more like a 4.. any given day my shoulders are a 6, so this is manageable.

My son knows we're going to kick up the activity level, he was pleased and asks now 'When are we going to do MORE?' :)

Onward, baby steps.

I weighed immediately after coming home from camp, didn't lose a single pound- but I did drink gallons of water and it's easy to tell I am walking around with 'kool-aid belly".  I should have measured around, because I did lose some of the rotund and puffiness of drinking pop all the time.

Gonna keep going, there's lots of life to live!

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