Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Do It

  •  Does motivation matter?  
  • Does it matter why we do the things we do, or endure the things we endure?
  •  Would you change your ways for someone else, something else, or to go somewhere else?

The answer most would provide is 'Yes, motivation matters and yes, I would change my ways to improve my situation.' I've proclaimed this at least a dozen times during the past couple of decades and nearly every time, I've  failed to follow up. Well, it's time to do it again- but this one has to be for good and for LIFE. 

Time to wear off this round-belly disease that I've allowed myself to perpetuate. If for nothing else, let it be for my own personal health.

Weight wasn't an issue for me until after I turned 18, prior to that I was always biking or active in some form of continuous outdoor activity. It's time to return to my roots and break the newer roots that are holding me steadfast. 

In the big scheme of things, you really have control over so little that occurs, one thing you DO have control over is your waistline. The time to muster all my drive and courage is now and I plan to use this site as my personal record of movement and success.

I will record my workouts and diet here, both successes and failures. I WILL DO IT DAILY. 

Later this week I will be getting my Boy Scout physical and the dirty details will be posted here, as a reminder, for me and the world to know. 

Among the many things that I'd like to accomplish with this new beginning
  1. better physical health- I'd like to enjoy another 50 or more years
  2. improve my prospects for work- who wants to hire a fatty? 
  3. improve my relationship with my kids- they want a dad that can run and play and go on bike rides
  4. return to the shape I was in when my wife met me- she deserves a husband who is fit and fab
  5.  there are some bucket list items that require me to be in better physical shape
  6. my future in the BSA will be negatively affected if I don't change
  7. God gave me life- I should respect his temple and keep it clean
  8. many other things that I will address at the appropriate time

My background story is common; family history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure... you name it. There's just a wealth of reasons that drive me to improve my own physical condition. 

 So, what it comes down to is please check up on me and let me know if you're quietly cheering me on from the sidelines... I will not be posting about this on facebook or talking about it anywhere other than this blog. I pray my readers will urge me forward and be there to celebrate the changes we see along the way.

I'll spare you the before pictures, at least until we have something better to brag about, trust me right now is nothing to brag about.

Today begins a new me. 

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