Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Popcorn sales 2012

Well, here we are, finally ended the popcorn sales last evening with our celebration and presentation of awards!

Our boys did well, they did very well, in fact they increased sales over the previous year by about two thirds! Nearly every boy in the pack received a patch for sales, many received free tickets to a  MSU basketball game and pizza party, some received scholarships to daycamp. The top seller in each den also received a trophy and they each get to throw a pie in the face of our Cubmaster. :) Many of the boys also received WalMart gift cards ranging from $15-$40, depending upon their contribution to sales. This was a very successful year for Pack 5.

Our Pack Trainer did a great thing for us, he invited the new District Executive to our little party and she was very pleased to feel part of everything. We're kind of lucky, in that the new DE used to work for my wife, so we've already established a great relationship with one of the top three in our district. I hope Ann has a very long and successful tenure with the BSA.

I brought along the case of Pinewood Derby kits, but didn't really push the issue on the families, not all of them will want the cars this early, so we'll wait and hand those out at the January Pack Meeting. Hard to believe that Pinewood is coming so soon.

I was blessed with a wonderful and unexpected gift from a member of my den, a wonderful card and gift card to Chick-fil-a! I thanked him and his mother several times because CFA is one of my favorite treats.

It's a certainly now, we're losing our Pack Trainer at the end of this year, he's being transferred to the KC area... we're going to miss his contributions that help the pack go. Our Bear Den Leader and his wife, our Popcorn Kernal, will be leaving us as well. I wish them all the best and know that our friendship will outlast the miles between us.

We're getting ready to switch the den into more of a patrol than we've previously done, this will probably be some growing pangs for the boys, but this will lead to future success as Boy Scouts. I plan to present the boys our patrol patches as soon as the boys can demonstrate a few more of the Arrow of Light requirements. For the most part, the pack already has heard our name 'Fearless Phoenix', now we're going to start wearing our colors and push the patrol into a strong leadership position over the other dens. I'd really consider it more  mentoring than leading, the other dens will of course still having their own work and adults, but I really want the Fearless Phoenix to step it up and teach by example.

All in all, popcorn was less painful this year that the previous two but there's always next year!

Only one week to Christmas and we've done no shopping.. gonna be a light one this year. Ebb and flow.

~Daddy Skunk

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