Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 4- Physical

Ate about the same, less junk, more water. Trying to keep this pattern of movement and better choices.

Had my 'BSA Physical' today,
  •  confirmed my weight. 260 pounds. Not a pleasant number. While still enlisted I weighed 158 and was being taped to check if my BMI was within Army limits. Obviously I've gained a bit since 1993...

  • My blood pressure was alright, nothing to brag about, but not bad for a guy that is 100 or more pounds over suggested 'healthy' weight.  144/78. Losing weight will just bring that number even more within good limits. 

  • Rest pulse rate was average for my age, so the ticker is still solid.

 The Nurse Practitioner suggested a mild workout to begin with and not to expect immediate results. We talked about beverage choices that could replace my soda pop addiction, I'm going to try Mio drops in water and see how that works for me.

While shopping for our Camp Arrowhead supplies, I found the Mio and was surprised at the huge selection of flavors, decided up Orange Mango.

Didn't exercise or walk any special today, we were shopping for several hours, so that more than made up for my little evening  jaunt.

I'm feeling really good about this journey, the NP was very understanding about my weight and soda issues, but she wasn't forgiving. I've got to save myself from myself and this is going to be a daily fight. The goals I outlined on June 8  (JUST DO IT) must drive me forward because there are plenty more tomorrows that need to be shared with my family. :)

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